By Rohey Drammeh

The management of Karpowership yesterday invited the media on a conducted tour of the powership stationed near the Banjul sea port.
Yankuba Mamburay, project manager, said the Karpowership has been supplying at least 30mw of electricity from May into the Gambian national grid following a power purchase agreement signed with Nawec in February 2018.
“Karpowership’s currently has a fleet of 2,800mw powerships operating in seven countries around the world and we are very glad and grateful for the opportunity to contribute our quota towards the amelioration of the power supply problems in The Gambia which contributes to the development of the country,” he said.
Erinc Bayrakcl, shift engineer, explained that the ship generates power by using the sea water to boil and derive vapour from which electricity is extracted.

He said they are very much aware of the need to protect the ocean so people should not be worried about the ship’s activities as they are mindful of the environment.
Ismail Arsoy, shift manager, said they are glad to be sharing their knowledge with Gambian engineers.
Volkon Gosterici, the captain, described how the ship is capable of picking up every sight around it and beyond with its CCTV cameras which he said are also linked to their main company in Istanbul.
“In fact, as I speak to you now, they are seeing everything happening here,” he told the journalists. He said the ship is also fitted with all the basic amenities they require.

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