By Kebba Jeffang

The project manager of Karpowership in The Gambia, Yankuba Mamburay, said the company is committed to the development of Gambian communities through its social responsibility.

Journalists visited various departments in the ship including the control room and engine rooms where generators are placed.

“With our operations in The Gambia, the company will continue to engage in a social responsibility projects that will help with the growth of the local people as well as providing educational tools,” he said.

As a strategic partner, he said the company is committed to the Gambia’s development and will continue to provide sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity for many more years to come.

Karpowership has connected 30 megawatts to the Gambian grid in earlier this year when they signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with NAWEC. They started operation on the 2nd May this year.

“We started generating power on the 2nd May this year. We are in so many countries in the world and we are currently generating over 2,800 MW in the world.

Since we started operation, I believe everybody has felt and seen the fact that we are gaining most positive results as far as power generation is concerned. There is less cut off and all those things. I think generally we have all felt it,” he said.

Mamburay said they are currently supplying electricity as per the agreement, producing on average 30MW.

“We are staying for two years but if the need arises for us to extend, we will be able to do that because we are very flexible. Even if they say we extend it to ten years we can do it. That depends on the need of the country,” he said, responding to a question of possibility of extension of agreement.

He also responded that expanding the supply to other parts of the country depends on the country’s desire.

Erinc Bayrakci, shift engineer of the ship said they have three shifts that change in every 24 hours including operators, oilers, shift engineers, electronic engineers, NAWEC staff and three personnel responsible for maintenances. He said except weather condition, there has not been any challenges.

Abdoulie Nanko of the company’s safety department allayed fears of any environmental implications the ship may cause to the marine lives such as fishes. He said they have 32 checklists that they use to monitor environmental issues and they also have a good partnership with National Environment Agency (NEA).


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