Lac de Guier II has reportedly agreed to face Boy Niang in a fixture looking increasing unpredictable.

By Sulayman Bah

Lac and Boy Niang have been touted to face off beginning in the aftermath of the former’s defeat to Modou Lo mid this year.

The heavyweight of Club Walo, Lac turned down initial proposal to take on Pikine-based Boy Niang describing the 55 Million CFA too small for his liking.

However, in a latest development regarding the bout, it appears all details have been finalised with a deal brokered in principle between promoter Thialis Faye of Lewtoo production and Lac.

The fight comes about after Boy Niang proved a thorn in the flesh of Geudiawaye based wrestlers which includes former King of arena Balla Gaye II.

Niang first humbled Gouye Gui then Sa Thies and has his eyes on Balla Gaye in the future, however, he must ward off Lac de Guier to stand a chance of seeing his dream meeting with Balla happen.

‘This fight will be done. We are going to wait for the new Cng office to be set up to formalize it,’ said Pape Thialis Faye said.


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