By Maimuna Sey-Jawo

Ebrima Jallow, the president of National Livestock Owners Association [NaLOA] has said that his entity is the only livestock association in the country.
Speaking at a press conference recently, Jallow said they have come across reports that a group of people are calling themselves New Gambia Livestock Owners Association and it has become necessary for him to clear the air that no one should deal with any organisation on livestock matters apart from NaLOA.

”We want to make it very clear to all livestock farmers in this country that we have only one National Livestock Owners Association in this country registered as the umbrella body livestock owners,” he said.
Jallow said NaLoa is a very clean association which has defended and worked for the interest of livestock owners, adding that farmers must sit together to iron out their differences within the body to maintain the unity of purpose that existed since.

He further disclosed NaLoa is working to increase production and fair marketing of livestock in the country by dealing directly with dealers and butchers.
He said NaLOA was formed in October 2015 in Jenoi, LRR, when the Department of Livestock Services under the Ministry of Agriculture felt it necessary to bring in livestock farmers across the regions to meet in LRR and form the association and select their executives.
Lamin Jatta, a member of NaLOA, dismissed suggestions that the association is a political association, adding that no one has any interest in politics among them except to work for the nation in collaboration with the government of the day.

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