By Maimuna Sey-Jawo
The management of a lottery company, name withheld, were on Monday night dragged to a police station to answer a complaint from a customer who alleged they refused to pay him jackpot of over D285,000.00The complainant, one Dembo Sanyang from Bakau claimed he was the sole winner of the jackpot but the lottery company would not pay him, arguing that he was not the only winner meaning that the money has to be split between him and other winners.According to the complainant, he made several attempts to meet the general manager of the company over the matter all of which proved futile and out of frustration, he took the matter to the police.He said after reporting the matter to the police, the lottery management initially refused to accept him as the only winner of the Sunday jackpot claiming that a total of 8 customers won the bet. “But after a thorough investigation by the police at their outlets (Bansang to Farafenni), they found that I was the only winner. The management was confronted with the evidence and that was the time they accepted and called me for a negotiation to pay me D200, 000.00 which I refused,” Sanyang explained.He said they finally settled the matter to avoid a possible court action when the management paid him D280, 000.00.“What was more disturbing was that until I took the matter to the police, the company was offering me just D39, 000. That annoyed me; that is why I took this action to fight for justice. People who play lottery must be alert to this kind of things so that they will not be cheated and the regulating bodies should check the companies to ensure they conform to the law,” he concluded.A police officer confirmed the incident but declined to give details.

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