The Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Forestry and Water Resources in collaboration with journalists comprising the print and electronic media Friday launched the first Gambian ‘Network of Journalists on Water and Environment’ (NJOWAE) at the KMC Youth Centre in Kanifing…

During the launching ceremony, officials stated the need to push for plans to support government in its drive to achieve proper water and environment management.

Pa Ousman Jarjue, Minister of Environment, Climate Change, Forestry and Water Resources in declaring the network officially launched said: “Water is life and so it is everybody’s business. It is in the environment that water is found and the formation of this network is critical because journalists need to be active in their duty to provide the public with information on proper water and environment conservation. It is not only those working in the water sector that use water but everyone else and no human being can live in this world without water. As a network, you the journalists have a huge role to play in advocating for clean water and environment management. Water and environment conservation will lead to clean water which is also due to a clean environment. We are trying to bring all stakeholders on board and we have to look at the gender dimension too which is very paramount in our effort to achieve universal access to safe drinking water.”

Mr Jarjue stated that the network needed to be committed to a big push in its partnership with government on water management and the environment. He said it is important for journalist to take interest in disseminating information on proper water and environment conservation.

“I want to assure you of government’s support in your role to raise the awareness of people on proper water and environment management. This is crucial because it is in line with national objectives in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.”

Bernadette Sanneh, country coordinator of NJOWAE and a recipient of the Best English Programme Media Award on Water and Environment, Water Security and Climate Resilience in West Africa said: “This network is established in line with efforts to effectively conserve water and the environment. It comprises journalists from the print and electronic media who have taken interest in working with government on water and environment. As a network, we will partner with NGOs, government departments, and other institutions in areas of common interest. We want to be change agents on water security and management and make water accessible to all their daily needs and the development of the ecosystem. We want to advocate for what’s best of water and the environment and as well inform the general public on Integrated Water Resources Management principles and at all levels for sustainable and inclusive growth.”

The launching ceremony was graced by officials of NJOWAE, representatives from the Ministry of Health and other institutions. The network comprises of eight executive committee members .


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