Nigerians in The Gambia on 1 October recently joined their high commissioner to celebrate the 58th independence anniversary of their country with a cocktail dinner held at the Coco Ocean Resort in Bijilo.
The official ceremony was attended by senior government officials, ambassadors as well as representatives of international organisations in the country.
High Commissioner Oluwasegun Ibidapo-Obe said 58 years ago, Nigeria’s founding fathers assumed the historic responsibility for the conduct of the affairs of the country. He said the journey so far has been “remarkable” for its twists and turns including significant milestones and achievements that have been recorded by successful administrations in Nigeria.
“Our country has survived a major civil war, several military takeovers and often reaching the precipice on occasions but it has emerged from each crisis stronger and ever more determined to forge ahead with the task of nation-building and the promotion of inclusive economic growth and development”.

James Gomez, the Minister of Fisheries, extended his congratulations on behalf of the Government of The Gambia, saying the historic relation between The Gambia and Nigeria is based on solidarity and friendship.
“Today as we celebrate the independence day of Nigeria, we also celebrate the success of Nigeria. The journey of 58 years has been challenging, however, Nigeria has become a champion for the sub-region and the international community”.

Speaking in an interview with journalists shortly after the high commissioner’s speech, Mariam Denton, Speaker of the National Assembly, noted the celebration shows that Africans are one, especially Nigerians and Gambians. She congratulated all Nigerians and said the bilateral relations will continue to grow.

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