By Mafugi Ceesay

Ansumana Sanneh, the director general of the Public Utility and Regulatory Authority on Wednesday told the Public Account Committee of the National Assembly that none of the GSM companies has a real 4G network coverage across the country. Mr Sanneh was responding to queries raised by Alagie Jawara, member for Jokadu who wondered why PURA is not stopping GSM operators from misleading people through false advertisement that they have nation wide 4G coverage when actually that is not the case.
Hon Jawara said because of the general poor coverage of GSM in the rural areas, he misses out on many meetings the information about which are often sent through text messages that did not deliver on time until he returns to the urban areas.

In his response, Mr Sanneh said PURA has asked the GSM operators to bring down the advertisement boards that are misleading but some are still not removed.
He further disclosed that after investigations, PURA has discovered that there is no GSM operator with 4G network, and that only 3G and 2G networks are available, saying that is why many parts of the country find it difficult in getting a reliable network.

He specifically mentioned Africell and Qcell, adding that they have told the former to stop all activities suggesting that they nationwide 4G coverage because they do not have the international 4G standard. About Qcell, Mr Sanneh said they have told the operator to stop calling itself the only 4G operator in the country since that is not the case.

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