By Baba Sillah

Lawyer for business magnate Amadou Samba has urged the Janneh Commission to hold the exiled former president accountable for the withdrawal of public funds.
Mary Samba made the remark yesterday while continuing with her address before the inquiry on behalf of her client.
Putting up a strong defence for her client, the lawyer submitted that the rule of law, checks and balances was disregarded by the former president during his 22 years in power, and that he should be held accountable for the withdrawal of public funds.
She asserted that her client did not in any way benefit from the funds withdrawn under the directive of the former president.
She further submitted that there was no evidence to indicate that all the twelve companies operated by her client were associated with the exiled former president.

According to her, Mr Samba categorically made it clear to the commission that he neither had any vested interest in any of the businesses owned by Jammeh nor did Jammeh had interest in any business he owned.
The lawyer also pointed out that the inquiry should consider the evidence of Mr Samba on the ownership of the defunct Daily Observer.

She referred the commission to the evidence of certain witnesses who had testified before the inquiry with regard to the transaction of certain properties which her client was involved with and urged the commission to consider their evidence.
She further referred the commission to the provisions of the Land Act as well as exhibits which dealt with public enterprises where some witnesses claimed Mr Samba had influence.

On the purchase of the water tank for Kanilai Family Farm, she argued that the former managing director of Social Security, Momodou Lamin Gibba and the finance director, Abdoulie Cham have the responsibility to protect the funds of the corporation.
Lawyer Samba finally appealed to the inquiry to consider and hold the evidence of Mr Samba.
Hearings resume next week.

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