Seedy Njie, a former APRC spokesman and one-time Information Minister, has described the statement from the opposition GDC criticising President Barrow’s recent remarks as erroneous, fallacious and deceptive.In a write up shared with The Standard, Njie said the GDC’s reaction is nothing but a deliberate misrepresentation of facts calculated to mislead Gambians and plant a seed of discord between Gambians and the presidency.“The GDC in its delusion stated that the president ‘made some threatening remarks’ that ‘had dictatorial tendencies’. This is inaccurate and fallacious. Also, accusing the president of alluding to use ECOMIG forces to ‘take repressive measures’ against the Gambian people is not only deceptive but fallacious and misleading and million miles far away in planet Pluto from being the truth,” Mr Njie said.
According to him, Barrow “has unequivocally rejected repression and any illegal use of force and power by using an analogy of his constitutional powers as commander-in-chief and to dispel any notion that he had no powers and or he is scared.”Njie went on to quote President Barrow verbatim; “Yesterday , people were scared, they said Yahya Jammeh had powers but I’m telling you the powers vested in Yahya Jammeh yesterday are same powers or even more vested in me … He (Yahya Jammeh ) who was here yesterday , he had the army, police and SIS (NIA)but me (I) have the army, police, SIS (NIA)and ECOMIG forces (laugh)….if you say ECOMIG forces , means the whole of 15 member ECOWAS bloc , but what’s important is to use that power and authority vested in you in accordance with rule of law , respect and human dignity that’s what is important ” .
According to Mr Njie this was what Barrow said in Mandinka which he said was very much contrary to the GDC’S delusional and cooked up statement aimed at negating and twisting Barrows words.On Foni, Njie said the GDC condemned what it called “uncalled for and seemed inappropriate”, but in actual fact the GDC deception tactics only exposed their inability or weaknesses in reasoning. “It also indicated that the GDC picked up hoax and fake postings by impostors on Facebook and quickly rushed to antagonize President Barrow without verifying them,” Njie said.He said well meaning people should praise the reconciliatory tone from the occupant of the country’s executive seat.
He again quoted President Barrow verbatim: “I listened to speakers from Foni region, I’m elated that Foni people and I reached a common understanding..without dialogue certainly no mutual understanding or terms will be realised .I want all to understand that Foni is part of Gambia and under my leadership for Foni, like any other area and under my leadership any project or development programme bound for Foni I will never accept such to be diverted to other areas just because Foni do not support me. No, no way all Foni bound development projects or benefits under my regime shall be delivered to the region because Foni is under my leadership and one Gambia”.Seedy Njie said it is clear from the above statement that President Barrow assured Foni that under his leadership all regions of the Gambia shall be treated equally, irrespective of their political affiliation.
Mr Nie also added that GDC’S call for the international community including USA to “dialogue with the president to desist from using such threat to the people of the nation” is laughable as President Barrow issued no threat and instead his comments were reassuring and speak volumes of his democratic nature and resolve to building a vibrant and sustained democratic dispensation.

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