Serrekunda West mini-stadium

By Sulayman Bah
The Serrekunda West mini-stadium is scheduled to be closed for the second time for renovation.
The venue was closed for usage recently before Football House’s yesterday announcement that the stadium will be closed for some construction.
The West pitch, in dire shape, is one of the most used in Serrekunda leaving its grounds needing some serious makeover.
A delegation from the football federation had a conducted tour of the area as part of its projects sites billed to be re-done.
Majai Park will be made available for matches during the three to four months the West Park is inaccessible.
Brikama and Banjul stadia will then follow between April and June while East will be sorted October next year to avoid the renovation hampering the zone’s annual nawettan.
‘Bakau isn’t ready and [Serrekunda] West is not in good shape so we have to close West. [Therefore], our impression is that there’s work that needs to be done on all the grounds,’ GFF’s Ebou Faye, also the Head of GFF Competitions’ Committee, said.
He continued: ‘Again there will be challenges in terms of venues for our matches this year also. Manjai and Serrekunda West were closed last year and this time we will use Manjai until January and then it will be closed for the works but Serrekunda West will again be closed because it’s not a playable ground. We will have to manage without West and squeeze ourselves in other grounds and the Stadium for now.’

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