Martin Kyere of Ghana, the sole survivor of the 2005 massacre of West Africans mainly Ghanaians and one Gambian, who miraculously escaped through unknown jungles to tell the story, has returned to The Gambia.
This is his first visit to the country since the despicable murder of his compatriots at the hands of what human rights defenders now claimed to be the Junglers, a hit squad of the former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh.
According to a press invitation from the campaign to bring Jammeh and his accomplices to Justice (#Jammeh2Justice), Martin Kyere will appear at a press conference at Tango Saturday morning where among other things, journalists will be told of the efforts underway to have this crime prosecuted in Ghana.
In May this year, Trial International, Human Rights Watch and the Gambia Centre for Victims of human rights violations, issued a report from a joint investigation into the matter which among other things revealed that the men were killed by Junglers and not by rogue elements as the Gambia government claimed at the time. The group said they came to his conclusion after a research that led to some 30 serving and ex service men among others, whose testimonies very compellingly suggested the men were killed by the Junglers.

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