By Omar Bah

The TRRC secretary has said that the truth commission will seek to avoid the reemergence of another Yahya Jammeh in The Gambia.
Speaking over the weekend at the Father Farrell Hall, West Field, during the commission’s first Town Hall Meeting themed, #NEVER AGAIN, Baba Galleh Jallow remarked: “We do not just want to have a transitional justice system, but a transformative justice system that will ensure we do not go back to the past. We want to make sure that we avoid the reoccurrence of another Jammeh.”
He said the process will be painful, but with the commitment of Gambians, the prospects of success are “very high”.


Jallow said young people could play a pivotal role by taking ownership of the TRRC process.
“We must not give up the pursuit to make this country great again. The process will be painful and frustrating at times, but with commitment we will be able to get there. We can only achieve this target if we are together. We should be committed to ensure that the past does not hinder our progress moving forward towards building a better Gambia we all aspired for,” he exhorted.
In establishing the truth, he said, the victims will need to have patience as the process of establishing the truth is not a child’s play.

He said the commission is working extensively to ensure that the victims who need urgent medical treatment are assisted to undergo treatment as soon as possible.
He reassured all that the TRRC will be impartial and transparent throughout its mandate.
Deputy TRRC chairperson, Adelaide Sosseh, called on the victims “to come out and narrate their stories” to ensure the truth is known.
“We know some of the stories will be difficult to tell, but they must be told otherwise the truth will never be established,” she said.

British High Commissioner Sharon Wardle reaffirmed Britain’s support to the TRRC process and urged Gambians to take ownership of the process.
She said the Gambian TRRC process should focus on ensuring that what happened in the past 22 years does not happen in the country again.

Victims’ voice
Meanwhile, Samba Jallow, a victim, said the country will find it difficult to heal if the Barrow administration continues to suppress those who worked under former president Jammeh.
Landing Camara, also a victim said the TRRC should have been the first priority of the Barrow administration.
He said he is worried that most of the victims of Jammeh will die before the TRRC commences.
“Most of the victims are dying of shock. Because everyday we are seeing the people who tortured us driving their beautiful vehicles scot-free. This is very painful and disappointing”.

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