By Lamin Cham

The parliamentary caucus of the United Democratic Party is to meet tomorrow apparently to discuss the fallout from the exposé of President Barrow’s payment to the parliamentary and regional apparatchiks of the party.
Inside sources confirmed to The Standard that the meeting was initially called for yesterday but for some reasons it was called off. Our sources would not say why Monday’s meeting was penciled off.
However, other sources said the meeting could not go ahead because the top UDP officials were summoned to State House for a meeting, reportedly over the same matter and consequently, the NAMs decided to wait for the outcome of that meeting.
According to our source, the meeting was called by the majority leader, Kebba K Barrow. Asked about the agenda of the meeting, our source said, “It almost certainly has to do with the bribery allegations made by Upper Fulladu West NAM, Dawda K Jawara.”

Mr Jawara had claimed that President Barrow has been dishing out money to NAMs as gifts. The presidency is yet to respond to these claims.
Several NAMs alleged to have received the money came out yesterday to deny the claims.
However, at least one UDP parliamentarian, Madi Ceesay of Serekunda West admitted to an online news outlet he had received the payment but said it did not tantamount to a bribery in his estimation.

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