Dr Ismaila Ceesay

By Kebba Mamburay

A Gambian political scientist, Dr. Ismaila Ceesay has been honoured with the Pan African Humanitarian Award in Rabat, Morocco for excellence in social leadership and community impact.

The University of The Gambia political science lecturer was also selected among over sixty awardees as guest speaker at the Summit.

The annual award is based on the premise of consolidating the African leaders adopted agenda 2063 as the continent’s new long term vision and strategic framework formulated for the purpose of guiding Africa’s socio-economic transformation.

The Advisory Board Members of Pan African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (PALEDEC) is the organizer of the event with the assistance from the International Centre for Diplomacy, Morocco. The theme for this year’s summit was ‘Africa, my home: An inclusive participation for Africa’s development.’

“This award category is for the bravest and most daring, as well as the most strategically sound and forward-looking personality with measurable achievement in championing progressive socio-economic development in Africa. The conferment is based on your outstanding leadership qualities, exceptional contribution and persistent efforts to Africa’s development through several bold policies and innovative initiatives geared towards building a prosperous, sustainable, regionally integrated and globally competitive Gambia and by extension Africa. This noble pace has set you apart as a role model for others to follow,” PALEDEC says in its notification letter.

PALEDEC has consistently organized this important summit once a year since 2015 in one of the world’s capitals respectively in Accra, Dubai and Dar-Es Salam with over 1,800 participants and 71 awardees to include former Heads of State, Royalty, Celebrities as well as Business Leaders from 31 African countries.

The participants discussed pertinent issues in Africa with a view to providing a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to sustainable peace and development in Africa.

“This year’s edition will also draw the attention of policy makers and highly recognized leaders in various sectors of industry, government, business and humanity from 42 countries to identify the barriers to humanitarian issues, peace and social-economic development in Africa and provide effective and innovative ways of addressing such issues,” organisers said.


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