By Louise Jobe

Saihou Touray, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Buffer Zone Market, said they will refrain from paying tax or market duty if the KMC refuses to come to their aid, and secure their properties. Touray explained that they have been going to Council on several occasions to lay their complaints on the security situation of the Buffer Zone market to no avail; that this is why they also want to refrain from paying market duties in protest until their demands for Council to provide them with security and other needs, are met. He adviced his fellows to unite and have a common understanding amongst themselves, in order to achieve their goals.

One vendor who begs for anonymity, dilated that their problems are many; that they inadequate lighting at the market; that they have complained to the KMC authorities many times to no avail; that security is their major issue and that the KMC are responsible to provide this.

Among their complaints, vendor lamented the condition of their toilet facilities, the lighting system, the waste dumped within the market, security and water supply.

Isha Faal, the PRO of KMC, told this reporter that Council is aware of the security and other issues at the Buffer Zone market; that one Abdou William reported the matter to her office and she asked the person to come back the following, to meet with Mr. Kanjura, the one responsible of  Market Security within the Municipality; that Council will solve the problem.


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