The village’s New Water tower

The water problems of Boro Kanda Kasse residents in the Wuli East District of the Upper River Region of the country, will soon be a thing of the past, with the provision of a Multi-Million Dalasi Water Project for the community, by the Boro Kanda Kasse Community Development Association (BKKCDA). The association on Tuesday November 20th, officially commissioned a water tank project for the village. The self-sponsored Water Project from the citizens of the village with a capacity of 60,000 liters, is expected to cater for their cattle, small ruminants and draught animals too.

Speaking on Tuesday, Abou N. Juwara, the Project Manager, thanked the donors for sponsoring the project. He said the project is a manifestation of the organisation’s commitment to provide portable water to every home and business in the village. “The Association has spent a fortune to improve the village’s water supply,” he said. He affirmed that a needs assessment was conducted prior to the implementation of the project.

Sulayman Danso, the Vice President of the association, urged villagers to use water judiciously; that “the project is another major achievement for the Boro Kanda Kasse Community Development Association, “as they continue to improve the lives of villagers to ensure sanitation, health and comfort for all.”

The Engineer of the project Mr. Jassey, informed the gathering that the tank is big enough to serve the community for many years to come, without any acute water shortage.

In attendance at the Project commissioning was the village Alkalo Saiba Juwara. He thanked the donors for their sponsorship of the village water supply and prayed for their success.

BKKCDA is a community based organisation established in July 2011. It was formed by the villagers who share the same aim and objective towards the development of their village.


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