Drama unfolded when one member of the National Assembly revealed that deputies have been receiving calls from State House to go and collect brown envelopes containing ten thousand dalasis each purportedly from the president of the republic.

This news created a whirlwind of accusations and counter-accusations as some of the members of the National Assembly said to have received the calls – or envelopes – came out to categorically deny ever being given this amount.

Social media went crazy with analyses of how this could happen or how underhanded it is and that it may undermine our nascent democracy. In all this drama, one member of National Assembly came out to announce that he actually received an envelope of ten thousand dalasis.

In a surprising – or not so surprising – turn out, the Office of the President issued a press release refuting all allegations that no deputy was ever called to State House to receive money from the President. Many on social media rubbished that statement saying that it is just window dressing.

As irrefutable proof has come neither from the deputies nor from State House, citizens are left with an incomplete story, so to speak. It is hoped that an investigation into these allegations will be opened so as to put the matter to rest once and for all.

However the chips fall, it is important to remember that sunshine is the best detergent!

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